Cockburn Cricket Club

Founded in 1981.
Part of the South Metropolitan Cricket Association.

About Us

The Cockburn Cricket Club has now been in existence since 1981/82. Although the history of the club dates a lot further back than 1981, this is the year when the Oceans XI and Hamilton Cricket Clubs merged and consequently this has been our yardstick for determining players records.

Hamilton Cricket Club was formed several years before the merger and during the late 1970’s merged with the Plympton Cricket Club and was known as Hamilton Plympton for a few years before reverting to the name of Hamilton. Hamilton’s home ground was Webber Reserve until the late 1970’s when the change to Enright Reserve within the Cockburn district was effected

Oceans X1 whose base was at Russell Reserve was formed in the early 1970’s with two teams and with players like the Rioli’s were quite successful

Following is a brief history of the club since 1981/82;

1981/82 Arising from the merger of Hamilton and Oceans XI on July 13th 1981 , the Hamilton Cricket Club enjoyed one of our best years with Trevor Smith as inaugural President with Campbell Faulds as Coach. All five sides finished in the four although failing to win a premiership.

1982/83 President , Alan Maffina took over the reigns with Campbell as Coach. Notwithstanding the efforts of all concerned, this year proved to be quite disastrous with several good players leaving for other clubs at the end of the season. The season did, however, see the debut of a then sprite 20 year old youngster Colin Jones who joined us for half a season before returning to Nedlands.

1983/84 Alan Maffina, unfortunately, was transferred in his employment to Karratha and it was left to Steve Johnson to resurrect the club to a healthy position. This year saw us move to a new home at Beale Park where facilities were second to none and a rosy future promised. Peter Della coached the club and did a very fine job with the resources available.

1984/85 On March 25th 1984 we changed our name to Cockburn Cricket Club with Steve Johnson as President. Four sides were fielded with Dennis Haywood as coach and captain of the First Grade side. Our first grade team was outclassed by some very good clubs

1985/86 Bill James was elected President and for the first time we did not enter a First Grade side. With Dennis Haywood as captain, the Seconds made the grand final but were beaten.

1986/87 When Colin Jones was appointed coach after Barry Hoar’s election as President things looked quite promising until Colin was transferred to Kalgoorlie in his employment after only two games. David Scott took over the side and although down in player strength was able to record some upset wins over leading sides.

1987/88 This year saw our final move to Davilak after several disappointments at Beale Park. Rod Felder was instrumental with this move and his discussions with Fedele Camarda was the catalyst needed which proved to be one of our best years and has saw the resurgence of a lot of young and capable cricketers.